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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Are  you dreaming of an overseas wedding? Perhaps you want to exchange vows on the white sands of an exotic beach; pledge your love amongst the majesty of snow capped mountains; or tie the knot in a bustling metropolis such as London or New York? Whatever your desire, you can create a romantic holiday experience with careful planning. Fete in France

The first step is to choose your ideal destination. From Bali to Paris, the options are limitless. Wherever you decide, you need to ensure your union will be legally recognised.  Most importantly, contact the embassy or consulate of your chosen country to ensure you understand all the legal requirements, including details of any official documentation you must supply. Pay special attention to waiting periods or requirements for a certain length of stay as this will impact on your travel planning.

Fete in France - French Wedding Planner

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